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You can't beat a Ferrari riding a bike.

You can't outlift Schwarzenegger without Steroids.

You can't beat your competitors without AI.

AI is the single most important business technology of our generation and it is moving FAST.

I started using AI in my marketing agency last year. I reduced costs in some areas up to 80%. 

I became obsessed.

Since then I've read countless articles, studied new tech, spoken on stages, interviewed dozens of AI developers.

There are updates happening daily, but guess what...

You don't need to know everything, you just need to know what will turn the needle for your business.

This group is specifically designed to help you identify and apply cutting edge AI strategies to your business.

Best of all? You can join us today FREE.

Here's how we make it happen

Virtual Meetings

Attend weekly meetings to share your best AI techniques and learn how others are using AI to grow their business.

Content Library

Library of walkthroughs, worksheets, replays, and guides.

Expert Led Sessions

Get expert training on the newest AI strategies. We bring in app developers, marketers, and entrepreneurs to share the exact strategies they use to grow their business.

Previous Experts Include:

  • Pat Flynn
  • Jordan Harbinger
  • James Altucher
  • Alex Sanfilippo
  • Daniel Knight
  • JK Molina

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Full refund, If you're unhappy after 30 days 

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